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Our Cafe Menu


Fabulous 4

 2 meats/2 cheeses $18

Signature 7

3 meats/4 cheeses $27 

Pre-selected combination of our best meats and cheeses 

All boards include : Fresh fruit, nuts, pickles/olives, homemade jam, honey, assorted crackers. 


 (V) Butter Board $10 

Whipped butter, toppings (check daily menu), served with baguette 

(V) Spinach artichoke dip $10 

Served with Baguette 

(V) Brie en-croûte $10 

Brie round topped with homemade jam wrapped in pastry, 

Baked to melty perfection, served with baguette 

(V) Fig - Caprese plate $10 

Fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, fig balsamic drizzle, sea salt 


 - Brie en croute -

Brie wheel topped with homemade apple pie jam, wrapped in       pastry dough, and sprinkled with chopped candied pecansd pecans


 Served on 16 Bricks fresh Bread $15 

Served with your choice of loaded potato salad or chips 

NEW ITEM!   Granny's Gobbler

Sourdough bread with Turkey - smoked gouda - homemade apple pie jam. 

The Turkey Truffle 

Sourdough bread -  Turkey Melted -  black truffle cheese  

A Berry Good Goat 

Plain goat cheese - Roasted Turkey - Homemade strawberry jam 


Figgy Piggy  

Melted Brie - Prosciutto - Fresh Arugula - Fig Jam  

Cheesy Caprese (V)

Melted Mozzarella -  Tomato -  Fresh Basil -  Fig Jam


The Glazed Porker

Melted Cheddar-  Prosciutto - Creamed Honey - Fresh green apple


PB & Honey

  Creamy peanut butter -   Creamed Honey 

Cliff’s Hammy Sammy

Ham - Cheddar 

*Saturday & Sunday only, served with fresh fruit 

(V)Grilled Bagel topped with mascarpone and berry berry berry jam 

Grilled bagel topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, egg, fig jam 

*GF crackers or bread + $1.00


COFFEE - $2.50

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